My name is
Kim Kwang-Song

I am currently a bachelor's student at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).


About Me

Hi, Kimich here! I am years old, I am studying infocommunication technologies and communication systems at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) of Vladivostok, concentrating in my major and programming.
My interests include Robotics, Web Development, Programming and major things such as DSP & Designing digital filters (MATLAB), Designing antennas (ANSYS HFSS), Engineering & Design Software (AutoCAD, Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS). When I was Sophomore and Junior at university, I participated in WorldSkills competitions in Robotics in 2020 and in 2021, as a result, I took the third place(2020) and second place(2021) and after that I developed a Tour-guide robot "Ego" and I introduced about this project in an interview with Russian TV Channel - НТВ.
Now I am intensively learning Machine Learning and Data Science.

I had a dream
I follow this dream
I will make it come true!

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November 07, 2021

I Love Robotics!😍

I love Robotics! With the uses of Robotics in our daily lives, it has made our everyday tasks easy and convenient to perform saving human energy and efforts while reducing the human errors and ignorance at times.

October 28, 2021

Our Campus at FEFU😊

FEFU is a unique intellectual community. Based at a campus with world-class infrastructure, our faculty provide innovative educational and research opportunities. I think it has the most beautiful campus.

September 04, 2021

Eastern Economic Forum🤩

The 6th Eastern Economic Forum 2021 has taken place on 2–4 September 2021 in Vladivostok on the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) campus. My several friends worked as volunteer for this forum.

August 20, 2021

Vladivostok! I love you!😉

Vladivostok is a city and port in the Russian Far East. It's a beautiful city with beautiful people. I heard the name "Vladivostok" is derived from the words "possess" and "East". Huh, interesting!