Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“The news is glorified gossip.”

The sad truth is that news outlets seem to be evolving
or perhaps devolving into nothing more than glorified tabloids.

Take a Trip Back in Time
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Newspapers cannot be defined by the second word — paper. They’ve got to be defined by the first word — news.

Yesterday's newspaper
became today's digital media

We can’t live without digital media, but why would we want to?

How to participate in our digital world

Not only is there more useful information than we know how to handle, but far too much of what we watch, hear and read is mistaken, deceitful, or even dangerous. Yet we all can take control and make media serve us — all of us — by being active consumers and participants.

Here is a short course for you:

This course will introduce you to foundational media literacy principles
that will help you make sense of the digital media environment.

  • to spot misinformation

    Every time you're online, you are bombarded by news trying to tell their story. Unfortunately, not all of these stories are true.

  • to assess credible sources and claims

    If you want to know more about citation, and plagiarism, make sure to check out some of our other articles with examples.

  • to know how the news media operate

    News media organisations can make fake news in order to fulfill their commercial, finantial, social and development goals.

  • to use news to run in your community

    Continually engage your community. Using the newsfeed, share project milestones, and success stories with your community.

  • to check formal information sources

    News sources can provide insights that scholarly sources may not or that will take a long time to get into scholarly sources.

  • to train your reasonable thought

    Logical thinking helps you solve problems reasonably. Learn about logical thinking examples, like inductive and deductive reasoning.

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